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360° Virtual Tours - FAQ  

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In the IT age, it is very important to place quality information to the potential clients in very short span of time. 360° Virtual Tour directly decreases decision making time, but it also creates the sense of security with a client that the expectation won’t be the enemy of experience. There are many reasons why numerous hotels invest in quality 360 ° Virtual Tour.


360° Virtual Tour is interactive presentation of space which enables space preview in every direction. It consists of interactive 360° panoramic pictures that are connected by programming.




360° panorama is a representation of space that can be previewed in every direction from one point of view.



What does it enable ?
360° interactive presentation enables the complete preview of the space. The preview is possible in every direction, just as if you were there, and during the walk you can have a peek everywhere.




What is its purpose ?
Its purpose is to speed up the sale or lease of the space, to facilitate and accelerate the decision making process, it facilitates business processes, saves time and reduces costs. This kind of presentation serves to represent the visual identity of the space as it is in reality  




Are Virtual Tours already applied somewhere ?
This way of presentation is widely applied in work of real estate agencies all across the world, in hotel industry and in tourism in general, car industry, air industry, ship industry, fashion...




What kind of information can be represented using this kind of presentation ?
Interactive presentation enables the representation of all kinds of information that are needed as an addition to the perfectly represented visual identity of the space. Our recommendation is that you include in the presentation general data about the space as well as some other particularities (geographical data, maps, plans, infrastructure, traffic...)  




Why would you represent what your tourist facility has to offer in this manner ?
There is a great interest in interactive presentation which can be installed on global Internet portals (GoogleMap, GoogleEarth, 360cities) as well as official portals of tourist organisations. The number of views of the files installed, which are statistically processed by the aforementioned global portals, confirms the significance of such representation of tourism potential.  




What is there for the tourist facilities, tourists and end users ?
The aim of such presentation is to represent the visual identity of the exterier as well as the enterier of the portrayed locations. Thus, the tourist facilities speed up the decision making process for their clients and at the same time, make it easier. Tourists can access the most relevant information on accommodation, tourist offer, nearby attractions etc, all in one place. Therefore, regarding the accommodation, food, services and the overall experience, the end user will feel satisfaction, rather than disappointment, for they will already know what to expect.  

What are the expenses for the tourist facility ?
Expenses are changeable depending on the category, type and the purpose of the facility (hotel, hostel, motel, apartments, restaurant, B&B, spa, etc.) Expenses are also changeable depending on the complexity of the developed 360°Virtual Tour of the facility, ie. it depends on the number of the locations shown (360° panorama) in the facility. 360° panorama represents the portrayal of the space in all directions from on point of view.