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New Digital Vision specializes in creating Multimedial Presentations.
We are excited about the future potential of Multimedial Presentations and the services we offer, also the very positive feedback we have received regarding our business approach and acumen.


Beside developing Multimedial Presentations, New Digital Vision is also proud of amazing photographs (fashion, nature, sport, interior...) as on numerous promo videos for companies, tourist destinations etc.


All our creations have very wide use. Although we mainly worked for hotels and restaurants, we have successfully implemented business promotion and services through presentation of visual identity in other areas. Tourism, fashion, investment, construction industry, real estate…

GigaPano - zoom2explore

AMP For Tourist Destinations

AMP For Hotels


We take special pride in zoom2explore and Advanced Multimedia Presentations which we created for the requirements of promotion of tourist destinations and for Hotels Industry.

Advanced Multimedia Presentations


We are here to listen, to take photographs, to create solutions, to deliver High Quality presentations and to bring your business to life.

New Digital Vision core business is centered around designing and developing Multimedia Presentations.


From medium to large projects, New Digital Vision’s purpose is to create presentations strategically in line with the essence of your business to both increase the ease of use, as well as make it visually stimulating to the end user.